Friday, January 28, 2011

When comparing political ideals; a distinction is made between Socialism and Communism. But, even these can be broken into many sub-categories.

It's not necessary to give an entire article comparing the two. But, we should clarify several misconceptions. First, the term "Socialism" has been used loosely. So, it's surrounded by false notions. Let's redefine the definition. First, Government building projects shouldn't be defined as "Socialism". The same holds true for efforts aiding the poor, or, some other minor program. Lately, any degree of government intervention is considered 'socialism'. But, in reality, the ultimate goal of "socialism" is to govern your life completely. This is why some people are concerned by reasonable intervention. So now, you can understand why.

Communism is often described as 'equal distribution of wealth'. This notion is totally false. Rather instead, The State assumes total control over your Activity".